Welcome to the mainpage of mjoelkbar.net

Personal pages (hosted on this domain)

grazzy.mjoelkbar.net grazzy's homepage (owner of this domain)
not.mjoelkbar.net loathings homepage
per.mjoelkbar.net Per's homepage
images.mjoelkbar.net Grazzy's online photo-album..

Project pages (where I'm involved)

www.nyhetsportalen.se A swedish newsportal
Boksson Book price comparison agent
Säsong.se Scandinavian webforum for skiers (everything on snow infact).
www.alpinresor.se Website indexing trips to the alps
www.badresor.se Website indexing trips to the mediterranean and other warm places
www.sista-minuten.org Website with information about last minute trips
organizer.mjoelkbar.net A website dedicated to indexing your CDS (online but nonfunctional)
grazzy.mjoelkbar.net/waste W.A.S.T.E.
A little helper for organizing your tv-watching EPguide organizer
Time manager - dev website Project was orginally started as a quick hack during a course at Linkoping University..
Roliga Klipp Website showing funny clips, mostly swedish, but appriciated in all languages!
Frozen Hippo Website showing funny clips, in english!
Buy WoW Gold A blog advertising wow gold. A social experiment! :-)
SiteRunner: keyword analysis A AJAX/Web 2.0 SEO-tool for analysing word frequencies and links on any webpage. It acts as a spider and gives the webmaster valuable information about her page.
www.teralis-dawn.net A webbased online game, kinda opensource.. only in planning so far.

Other websites worth mentioning

quake.swe.net Quake.swe.net is the server this (virtual) domain is running on. I maintain it.
www.swe.net SWE.NET is our ISP, and oh man, dont we just love them!?
www.harwester.com Harwester syndicates news in different branches, really a intresting concept.
Matdryck.seSwedish wine-guide
Shoppa.orgSwedish shopping-guide

Useful hacks (hopefully)

Resize photo Resize your photos and pictures online quickly.
MRTG+MYSQL-graph A little thingy to display graphs like this: mysql queries on quake
Adsensecheck Like adsense? Like databases? Like Perl? You'll like this (currently broken due to adsense changing their webpage).
PHPRSS-class A wildly incomplete class for PHP to parse RSS
Then there was a crash and plop and a whish whish while the plennies picked up and dropped and lickturned the pages of their grazzy malenky hymnbooks, and the bully fierce warders creeched: "Stop talking there, bastards".And then it happened... a door opened to a world... rushing through the phone line like heroin through an addict's veins, an electronic pulse is sent out, a refuge from the day-to-day incompetencies is sought... a board is found. "This is it... this is where I belong..." - The hackers manifesto - The nadsat dictionary, A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick.